Family Freindly Pad Small Picture


With a backdrop of a lovely rustic outbuilding and mature trees we enjoyed designing this space. We changed an underused area into a garden for the whole family including the dog to enjoy!

A circular lawn creates impact with low maintenance grasses to surround. An area of terrace was created large enough to accommodate a fire pit and furniture positioned near the house means comfortable seating whilst the children are playing.

The timber pergola against the house framed the space allowing scented climbers to scramble over and soften the aspect of the house.

Planting is robust yet offers plenty of seasonal change with grasses, flowering shrubs and perennials that complements the colours of the building.

It has transformed what was previously a dull lawn with minimal planting into a low maintenance private area that our clients love to be in.

Timber pergola • Sandstone paving • Firepit

Family Friendly Pad Picture 1
Family Friendly Pad Picture 2
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