Dividing Time

Do you think September is the end of your garden year? Far from it, it’s simply the best time to plant in your garden. Why? Well soil temperatures are warm after all those balmy summer days. Yet there will be rain without a doubt so no worries about when to water. You can leave that part up to mother nature. New roots will make good growth before the onset of winter ensuring they will be raring to go next spring.

Perennial Border
Dividing Time


So, get yourself ahead of the game. Start by dividing any overgrown perennials then choose some gorgeous late season bloomers to enjoy. Transform your borders now with Acers, Asters, Japanese Anemones, Sedums, Rudbeckias and Ornamental grasses to enjoy late season colour.

Large  trees, topiary and spring bulbs will all relish getting into the ground at this optimum moment.

Take these steps now and you will have all bases covered for gardening this September like a pro. Your garden and your neighbours will love you for it

P.S Need help? Just give us a ring and we would love to give you some advice. 

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Great Time to Plant