August: Subconscious inspiration

Towering Cactus

As August kicks in we’re taking a moment to stop and smell the coffee, coastal air, bougainvillea, roses…. Wherever we find ourselves in August, we always find the less familiar sights, sounds and aromas find a way to seep into our subconscious and start to percolate, ready to give us fresh inspiration for the months ahead. August is the ultimate month of relaxation, and I don’t know about you, but when we relax we start to see things differently – maybe the natural geometry of an Agapanthus or a towering Cactus. Here’s a few of our top summer inspirations

Towering Cactus
Organic Geometry

Shapes and Textures: We naturally look for shapes and textures in our homes – wallpapers, soft furnishings, accessories, sprawling sofas and fireplaces to create an individual stamp, so it’s not surprising that people are increasingly asking our advice to create year-round interest outside too. We see so much on our travels from cosy outdoor seating to amazing planters, plants, fire pits, stone, ornaments, blazing sunsets and much more.

White Oleander
Amazing Planters


Sunset over sea
Blazing Sunsets









Colour & Plants: Relaxing and soaking up the rays presents a kaleidoscope of colours behind the eyelids from pale yellow to burnt orange to deep red. But it’s when you open your eyes that August colour really packs a punch. Everything is bolder, stronger, more intense – from urban landscapes where sun bleached concrete meets vibrant summer clothes, planters and splashes of blue sky t coastal paths hugging miles of cobalt sea to sunnier climes bathed in the brightest, deepest natural hues imaginable – endless lavender fields, rivers of sunflowers and long stone walls clustered with bougainvillea. Back on the beach the wet sand traces strong shapes that reflect wall art. Inspiration everywhere.

Date Palm
Intense Colours
Wet Beach sand
Strong Shapes








And while everything is in full bloom in the UK, it’s the calm before the design storm for us.  With September only weeks away, we’re getting ready to start designing and planting throughout the Autumn months, the very best time to plant a garden. So, if you want to talk to us about your summer inspiration and how we could turn those dreams into a reality in your garden, do get in touch.