Container Impact

We’re making the final tweaks to our latest project – a beautiful bespoke Hampshire home where old and new materials have been carefully combined to dramatic effect. We chose these Atelier Vierkant pots, handmade in Belgium to frame and add impact to the entrance porch. The colour reflects the flint work on the house and we’ve lit them from below to make a statement that will last from twilight to dawn. Simple, massed planting with the grass Carex ‘Evergold’ looks effortlessly elegant year-round with minimum care. Our pots feature lots of Leca, a lightweight natural material that ensures the pots remain free-draining and protected from frost damage in the winter, and we’ll be back to scatter bulbs throughout for spring interest. Finally, to allow for gradual, easy care watering over three week cycles, we’ve concealed a discreet irrigation reservoir, just under the plants.

It’s great to see our plans coming to life and creating the ultimate warm welcome.